Welcome to Quinn's Wags

My name is Quinn, and I am a hearing ear dog for Ellen, the innkeeper of Birchwood Inn in Lenox, MA.

But I am not just another pretty face! I am so intelligent that some people say that I am not really a dog but rather a person of fur.

And wow! Am I ever one lucky dog. Since I am a professionally trained service dog, I get to travel everywhere. I’ve even been on rides at Disneyland! But since I live at Birchwood Inn, the area I know best is Lenox and the surrounding Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.

Let me be your tour guide. Along the way, I’ll tell you bits and pieces of “my story” (everyone has a story!), dish on restaurants, and let you in on the latest cultural and recreational events. Maybe even a little gossip. [What I could tell you about some dogs…]

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