The Things People (and Dogs) Leave Behind

This morning I was in the basement with Ellen. While she was doing inn laundry, I decided to sniff around the “left behind box.” The box is actually a large wicker basket, full to overflowing with items guests have left behind.Quinn and innkeeping friend Ashley, Hamanassett B&B in Chadds Ford, PA.

The overflow includes: 23 chargers; four sweatshirts; 5 nighties; 8 pairs of shoes; several very nice sweaters, 1 pillow, 1 blanket, a sleeping bag, and “good as new” men’s winter parka.

Some former guests call as soon as they realize something is missing, but most don’t bother. After a year, the wearable items go to Goodwill.

But I must admit, I am guilty of leaving things behind when we travel. I am sure that there must be hundreds of tennis balls somewhere in Dog Heaven.

Once we were at an innkeeping conference at a lovely resort in New Hampshire. When we got home, I looked through Ellen’s suitcase for my squirrel. My friend Amy gave it to me as a gift because she knows I love to chase squirrels. I could not find that squirrel anywhere.

So one of the inn staff members called the hotel. “Good morning,” he said. “Ms. Chenaux stayed at your hotel earlier this week and seems to have left behind a squirrel.” The hotel operator, without missing a beat, asked,” Sir, could you please describe the squirrel?”

Needless to say, my squirrel and I were reunited within a couple of days.

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