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Great Holiday for Dogs!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is every dog’s dream holiday! For some wonderful reason, people who carve the turkey always have some turkey drop on the floor. We woofs are right on the job and do the clean-up so that others don’t have to. Piper and I are experts on this topic as you can see […]

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The Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Quinn: Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but I am so busy in the summer entertaining the guests, both human and canine; going to concerts and plays; and lunching on the patio at Church Street Cafe. Of the concerts at Tanglewood, Carole King won paws down! And I never miss the […]

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Not a Great Idea to Try to Be a Pig

Yesterday was a blustery and somewhat soggy day, a great day for a pig. So I decided to emulate a pig and find out about their habit of rolling in mud. I rolled this way, and then I rolled that way. Fun! Cool! Until I came back to the inn. No one was happy to […]

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Dog Angels

I know most of you don’t like to shovel snow or drive in snow, but I love snow, especially rolling in it! And with now 16 inches with lots more to come, I’ll be able to make dog angels for days! I also love ice, but I discovered there can be too much of a […]

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We're Sweethearts!

Quinn: Twenty percent of humans prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pets rather than their spouse! Piper, Ellen, and I will be joining in the celebration together. After all, Valentine’s is for lovers and that includes dog lovers. [30% of our guests on Valentine’s Weekend are also bringing their furry friends.]

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Singed My Wagger!

Started off the day on a hot note. At breakfast I was sitting by the gas fireplace in the dining room when suddenly my tail was on fire!!! The guest sitting closest to be quickly put out the blaze, and I am just fine. My tail is tad shorter but no big deal. Fortunately the […]

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Chipmunks and Squirrels

I  love chipmunks and squirrels! Thankfully, there are lots of them at Birchwood. For more than nine years, I have spent many afternoons barking and chasing the little critters, but I’ve never been able to catch one. Not one! They love to hide in the stone fences. I know they are there but, alas, they […]

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… this is going to be one “wow” foliage…

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Quinn's Account

I have just returned to the inn from Berkshire Bank where I made a withdrawal from my cookie account. They’re lucky I didn’t leave a “deposit”! Quinn

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So Busy Wagging

I have been so busy wagging at guests, old and new,  that I haven’t had a moment to wag online. What happened to July? Seems as if it got washed away with seven straight weeks of rain! While we all feel mildewed, Birchwood’s gardens are spectacular, a riot of color! With a plethora of concerts […]

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