Quinn Enjoys Retirement

Hi! Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Thank you for all of my 14th birthday greetings last month! I am so lucky to have so many friends and admirers!

Many of you have asked how I am and how I am enjoying retirement. At first, I must admit that it was kind of a downer to stay home and not go everywhere with Ellen, but I have gotten used to being at our Berkshires inn anymore.

I get to sleep in … a bit. Rather than having to jump out of bed, fully awake, to awaken Ellen at the sound of the alarm, I now lounge in my bed and leave all of that energetic stuff to young Charley. I still get my wake-up call cookie, but I get it in bed! Not a bad deal. And then I take my time coming down the stairs and going to the inn.

Charley naps in his crate during breakfast, but I still get to be in the dining room at breakfast time. The guests know not to feed me, but I like making them feel guilty by looking longingly at their plates. Ever the optimist – you just never know what will fall on the floor.

Those great treats (sometimes I help Ellen bake dog biscuits for Charley, the guest dogs at our pet friendly Berkshires inn and me!) keep coming. I keep an eye on Charley, and when the store timer goes off or Ellen’s cell phone rings, Charley alerts Ellen and we both get cookies. So Charley acts as a hearing dog for Ellen and for me! Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

I don’t miss having to get in and out of the car at every supermarket, green grocer, and farmers’ market. I don’t think Ellen would miss food shopping either!

I do get out of the inn, just not as often. I visit my friends at the post office and at Glad Rags regularly, and sometimes I go with Charley while Ellen enjoys lunch on Church Street Café’s porch. I love it because everyone is so glad to see me!

I am getting around really well for 14. I think that Charley is partially responsible for this. He just won’t let me loll around in the garden because he likes to chase me.

And I’m still getting good press! The September/October issue of Yankee, suggests Birchwood Inn as a great place to stay in the Berkshires, and notes that “Quinn, an elderly golden retriever, and Charley, a little ‘bichoodle mix,’ are you canine hosts.”

I even took a vacation with Ellen and Charley – to Ithaca to see my friend Lynnette at The William Henry Miller Inn. I was so excited that I panted in Ellen’s face all the way there and back! She’s used to my doggy breath by now! But mostly I wait and have my friends visit me at the inn.

So please come see me. I would love to see you and put my head on your lap once again.

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