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The Fall Season Foliage:
Autumn in the Berkshires is a dazzling kaleidoscope. Of course, the foliage is the focus of this vibrant season, to enjoy while toodling along the back roads, hiking, cycling, picnicking, apple-picking, golfing, exploring historic homes such as The Mount, Naumkeag, Chesterwood or Hancock Shaker Village. After a day in the crisp fall air, come warm up by the fire with a steaming mug of fresh hot cider at our romantic Berkshires Bed and Breakfast.


Enhance Your Stay with Special Packages

Make your escape from the every-day world a memorable getaway experience with our special packages, designed to enhance your stay at our romantic bed and breakfast in Lenox, MA. Romance. Relaxation. Gourmet dinners. Flowers. Chocolates. Massages. All are yours to enjoy. Please arrange for your special package with sufficient advance notice.



It’s All About Me! – A La Carte Package

What could be more romantic than Chocolate Springs truffles, a seductive rose, and silk rose petals, strewn on your pillows greeting your arrival?

What could be more relaxing than an in-house massage?

Top off these indulgences with an intimate dinner for two.


  • Lenox’s Chocolate Springs Truffles – $5.00 (2)/$15.00 (6)/$20.00 (9)
  • Floral Bouquet – from $20.00
  • Roses by the Dozen- from $50.00
  • Custom Bouquets – from $35.00
  • Silk Rose Petals – $5.00
  • Teddy Bear – $20.00
  • How Sweet It Is! – Birchwood Inn apothecary cookie jar filled with our Chocolate Chip Cookies – $15.00
  • De-Stressing Massage (in-house) – from $77.00

The Ultimate – $350.00 – A Weekend To Remember

In the spacious and elegant Dana Room,

a dozen roses,

Chocolate Springs’ decadent truffles,


one breakfast in bed,

and a one-hour inn-room couples massage.

(room rate is not included)

Mother-to-Be Pampered Babymoon Package – $200

Baby your baby’s mom with a Babymoon Package

Baby’s Breath bouquet, prenatal massage, “Champagne” (non-alcoholic), a cravings basket overflowing with Chocolate Springs’ truffles, Birchwood Inn’s famous chocolate chip cookies, pickles, coupon for a Scoop ice cream sundae, and a Birchwood Inn baby bib.

(Add a Daddy Massage for $77)

Celebrate New Year’s in Lenox – from $687.00

Three historic nights. Fireside afternoon teas. Fireside award-winning breakfasts. Candlelight New Year’s Day brunch.

From $687.00 plus tax to $1077.00 plus tax.

Romantic Enhancements

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries – $30

A dozen luscious strawberries deliciously immersed in decadent chocolate await your arrival and get your getaway off to a sweet start!

Happy Birthday!/Happy Anniversary! – $25

Celebrate the occasion with an incredibly decadent mini-birthday cake and a cheerful helium balloon.

I Love You! – $30

Say “I love you” with a mixed floral bouquet, Chocolate Springs’ truffles, and silk rose petals on your bed.

I Love You! $80

Who can resist Chocolate Springs’ truffles, a split of Champagne, flowers, a cuddly teddy bear, and silk rose petals?

Massages, Spa & Pampering

Swedish Massage – 90 mins. $121, 60 mins. $88

Swedish massage involves kneading, compression, effleurage and a number of other strokes designed to relax tight muscles. Each Swedish massage session can be customized to your liking. Any of the following techniques may be included: deep tissue, myosfascial release, PNF stretching or trigger point therapy. Therapeutic work, postural assessment as well as pre and post event sports massage are also available.

Hot Stone Massage – 90 mins. $132, 60 mins. $88

Hot stone massage originated in the southwest. Black basalt stones are heated and placed along the body’s chakras. Energy flow is stimulated through compression, tapping and stroking. The mass of the stones “overburden” the body creating a sense of lightness afterward while the heat gives a hydrotherapy advantage.

Sports Massage, Pre and Post Event – 90 mins. $121, 60 mins. $88

Whether preparing to compete or dealing with delayed onset soreness (DOS) afterwards, bodywork can be a critical component of your training program. Stretches are used to keep athletes limber and help avoid injury. A faster paced session designed to stimulate and energize is utilized for pre-event. Post-event involves techniques to assist with muscle recovery and reduce edema or pain. By flushing out muscle contraction byproducts, DOS can be avoided and you can get back to the competition.

Pre and Post-natal Massage – 90 mins. $121, 60 mins. $88

Using Swedish techniques, clients are relieved of some of the discomforts of childbearing. In a sidelying or semi-reclined position, a variety of gentle approaches are used to address specific issues like headaches, back pain or sciatica. Because massage has an endocrine effect, some clients may choose to use bodywork post-partum as well. Please advise the therapist as to how far along you are, plus any specific complaints or doctor recommendations and personal preferences.

Chair massage – 30 mins., $38 (minimum of two sessions to book)

With emphasis on the neck and back, compressive strokes, tapotement and trigger point therapy are used to loosen up muscles. Client is fully clothed on massage chair.

Feet, Hands and Ears! – 60 mins. $88

Did you know that important reflexology points exist in the feet, hands and ears? This wonderful service uses reflexology and acupressure techniques to stimulate these points and bring your body into harmony. Each point on your foot corresponds to a different internal organ according to reflexology theory. Sink into this service and enjoy; it’s especially great for clients who are on their feet all day or just need a welcome break from the stresses of life.

Structural Bodywork – 90 mins. $121, 60 mins. $88

Sessions begin with a postural assessment that includes how you stand, sit, walk and move; range of motion and muscle strength is tested. Any specific complaint is traced back to possible structural causes, either along myofascial lines or that may follow trigger point referral patterns. Using deep tissue and myofasical release techniques as well as neuromuscular, the client is brought back into balance. Light weights are used to strengthen weak muscles found during resistive tests; stretches are done for contracted muscles that may be pulling joints out of line and causing pain. A treatment plan is designed to address the structural causes of pain, increase range of motion and help clients to move more efficiently. (With permission from the client, the therapist can also work with the client’s healthcare team if physical therapists, physiatrists, pain specialists, neurologists or doctors of osteopathy are also involved.)

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be added for $5.00 to any session; please request at time of booking. The following essential oils are available for blending: lavender highland, tea tree, eucalyptus globules, peppermint and ylang ylang. (The lotions used by Energy Rising contain olive oil, bees wax, coconut oil and vitamin e.) Please advise therapist of any allergies.

Benefits of essential oils: Lavender is calming and can help relieve anxiety. Eucalyptus is excellent for breathing and asthma. Ylang ylang is uplifting and floral. Tea tree has some remarkable medicinal (anti-fungal, antiseptic, etc.) and cosmetic uses. Peppermint is refreshing and invigorating—great for fatigue.

Spa Indulgence – $250

(Available November through April with a two-night stay)

“Too much of a good thing is… wonderful!” Mae West. Add two One-Hour Massages to all of the features of the Romance in Lenox Package.

Birchwood Inn Gift Certificates

Give a getaway! Gift certificates (available in for any amount and valid for seven years) for stays at our historic Inn in the Berkshires are a great idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion.

Purchase gift certificates online.

Custom Getaway

We would be happy to design a “getaway” just for you.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our beautiful Berkshires bed and breakfast.