Not a Great Idea to Try to Be a Pig

Yesterday was a blustery and somewhat soggy day, a great day for a pig. So I decided to emulate a pig and find out about their habit of rolling in mud. I rolled this way, and then I rolled that way. Fun! Cool! Until I came back to the inn. No one was happy to see me as they usually are. It must have been because I was covered in mud and smelled a little gamy. Ellen tried a bunch of old towels, but I had worked that mud in really well.  So Ellen put on my leash and started to go outside. Uh oh. This didn’t augur well at all. I put on my brakes but Ellen somehow pulled me outside and turned the hose (remember it was 40F!) on me. Geez that water was cold! We finally went back inside. Ellen covered me with old towels and left me to ponder the concept of consequences. I hate the bath but boy it really was fun to play in mud!

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