It's My Party and I'll Bark If I Want To

Quinn says… I’m not good with dates so I was surprised this morning when Ellen wished me a happy birthday, my 11th! I LOVE birthdays! I put on my Birthday Dog scarf and started my day. I made the rounds of the dining room, thinking that people would sneak me some food because  it is my birthday after all. No such luck but at least they tolerated me staring at them.

And presents! Dog treats and toys from guests and staff. It’s great! And we are about to celebrate this occasion with Frosty Paws, wonderful dog ice cream, which I woof down, while the guests get lemon squares.

We are celebrating Piper’s birthday this weekend, too. Although Piper looks and acts like a puppy, she is actually 13! She has presents, too.

What I would really like for my birthday is to be able to roll in smelly dirt. Don’t think that’s going to happen. But just wait until you see my puppy pictures. I was adorable!

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