It's A (Busy) Dog's Life

Mea culpa. The holidays are always filled with lots of joy! Ellen bakes mountains of cookies, and I love the candy cane cookie crumbs that land on the kitchen floor! So many crumbs! So little time! There are always lots of guests to take care of and lots of dog guests to entertain. I love celebrating New Year’s with my friend Sophie Kaplan, the most beautiful collie! And I still must find time to guard my presents under the tree. My favorite gift this year was a blue and white plush square box with a plush white bow. The box says “Sniffany & Co.” Because I’m worth it!

So that’s why I’ve been out of touch! I never did get to the holiday cards this year but had the greatest of intentions. Next year. Fersure.

Meanwhile I hope you:

  • had a joyful holiday season,
  • have a happy and healthy new year,
  • and visit me soon!
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