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Bloggers are supposed to blog about what they are passionate about. Ellen and I are both passionate about baseball!  The game is the great equalizer — a cab driver is often found sitting next to a Fortune 500 CEO.

Last week we savored the joys of New York. It was so exciting to be among crowds of people after the tranquil Berkshires! The noise. The traffic. The energy. We love them all!

One of the New York pleasures is Yankee Stadium, unless you are an old Brooklyn Dodger fan! The Yankees were playing Ellen’s old favorite team (she used to go to 32 games a year when she lived in Toronto), the Blue Jays. The new stadium is missing some of the tradition of the old stadium, but it’s great nonetheless.

The New Yankee Stadium

The New Yankee Stadium

We just HAD to take advantage of the photo op. Unknown to us, at the same time we were being filmed by NBC News for the following day’s 6:00 pm show on the high cost of tickets for sporting events!

New York fro mthe Berkshires

Quinn and Ellen at Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium, by the way, has the greatest popcorn. I know because I got to eat all of the popcorn Ellen spilled … accidentally on purpose.

Quinn loves popcorn.

Did someone order popcorn?

Ellen was elated for 8 1/2 innings as the Jays were winning. Alas, as frequently happens, the Jays broke her heart in the bottom of the ninth, but it was a great game! Personally, growing up in Massachusetts, I’m a Red Sox fan, so when I had to wear a Yankee cap, I wasn’t too happy.

Quinn loves NY but not the NY Yankees!

The following day I romped in Central Park with hordes of other very well-behaved dogs, rolling in the cool grass. Then onwards to lunch with old friends of Ellen’s from early childhood and then Broadway. My friend Sutton Foster lit up the stage in “Anything Goes.”

The next day we returned to the Berkshires, where we could unwind from our New York adventures. We realized once again how peaceful and refreshing our hills are. There’s no place like home when you live in the Berkshires!

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