Eight Broads in the Kitchen

Nothing brings people together at our Berkshires B&B like food! Have I ever told you about the Eight Broads? If not, I have been remiss. Very much so.
Several years ago, eight innkeepers from across the US who share a passion for food – creating and eating – got together and created a food blog. They call themselves Eight Broads in the Kitchen – I am a Broad ex officio – and they put their best recipes, hints, and cooking/baking insights on this now very popular blog, www.eightbroadsinthekitchen.com.
In addition to the food blog, the Broads give food workshops at innkeeping conferences and write a food column for the International innkeepers’ magazine. A cookbook, of course, is in progress.
Despite their divergent backgrounds and personalities and the miles that separate them, over time the Broads have found that not only do they share this love for food but even more importantly they share a solid friendship. They form a support group for each other, sharing the ups and downs of life as well as innkeeping and even guests. No matter what life throws them, they offer Broad shoulders to each other. And they share a lot of laughs.
And they’ll share them with you at our Berkshires Inn!

Berkshires B&B Eight Broads

It's food, fun, and friendship for the Eight Broads in the Kitchen!

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