It Takes A Community

Quinn says: The innkeeping community is a most caring one.

You may recall that although I’m as fit as a puppy, at age 12 1/2, I am losing my hearing. For a hearing service dog, this is like Beethoven losing his hearing. And so I am looking forward to retiring.

But in the meantime, NEADS, the organization that trains service dogs for the deaf, requests that we raise $9,500 (it costs $25,000 to raise and train each dog).

When Ellen and I arrived at the annual innkeeping conference in Little Rock in January, innkeepers, vendors and guests had raised about half of our goal. We never anticipated meeting and surpassing our goal so quickly. Innkeepers and vendors at the conference stuffed checks and cash in our pockets, including several checks for $1,000!

Berkshires Bed and Breakfast

Ellen and Quinn at the Innkeeping Conference

On the last morning of the conference, an innkeeper we had never met asked how much more was needed to hit the $9,500 target. $250.00? No sooner said than done, and we had a check for $250.00!

Since then more innkeepers, vendors, and guests have added contributions, putting us over $10,000. And we still have a raffle for a deluxe weekend for two at our Berkshires Bed and Breakfast.

This whole experience has been both exhilarating and humbling. It’s so incredible to realize that we have so many caring friends.

Innkeepers, vendors, and guests: Thank you for your generosity and caring.

So when does the new dog arrive? Anytime between now and Labor Day. We have no idea what breed the new dog is going to be, but you’ll be the first to know.


PS Re: Occupy Westminster, Goldens have moved up to fourth place from fifth as the most popular dogs in the US. We’ve got a lot going for us!



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