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Quinn — aka Molly Quinn McMuffin — is Ellen’s 14-year-old Golden Retriever former Hearing Ear Dog. She and her brother Dakota were the first dogs participating in the Maine Prison Pup program, and she is named after the woman who initiated the project, Sister Pauline Quinn.

Quinn and Ellen — a late-deafened adult with miraculous cochlear implants — were a team for 12 years thanks to NEADS, the Princeton, MA-based association which is the longest continually running program providing dogs for deaf and disabled Americans.

Quinn, who is now retired, went from being an inmate to being an innmate, and alerted Ellen to sounds Ellen cannot hear by tapping Ellen’s leg with her paw.

Charley, our new resident Bichoodle hearing dog, now alerts Ellen to sounds by jumping to touch her. Thanks to Quinn and Charley,  Ellen has never been late for breakfast! In the morning, Charley hears the alarm clock, leaps on top of Ellen and insistently taps her until she gets out of bed. What a wonderful way to greet the day!

Quinn, and now Charley, also let Ellen know when the stove timer goes off — no burned chocolate chip cookies here! — as well as the door bell, smoke detector, etc. Cookies are their reward for a job well done. And they like to be the first at the door to greet guests and guest pups at our Lenox Inn!

At breakfast, you’ll often find Quinn by the fire, hoping you’ll drop something on the floor but please don’t! Quinn is on a very strict diet. A born innkeeper, Quinn circulates throughout breakfast, making sure you are well taken care of. She may also join you for afternoon tea.

Both Quinn and Charley love playing ball, and you’ll often see them with one in their mouths, ever hopeful that you’ll play with them outside. And they love walks, especially in Kennedy Park across the street from our Lenox B&B.

They absolutely love our homemade doggie cookies and have taste-tested all of the recipes in our Fun for Foodies’ Dog Day Afternoon dog cookie baking class, which they attentively supervise.

Because Charley (and previously Quinn) is a service dog, he is Ellen’s constant companion, and you’ll often see us in Lenox at our favorite restaurants, shops, and at Tanglewood.

With her warm chocolate eyes, loving smile, and magnificent tail, Quinn makes friends wherever she goes. Just give Quinn a pat or two, and she’ll be your friend for life!Toss a soft fuzzy ball with Charley and he’ll follow you everywhere.

Pet Friendly Berkshires Inn
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We Love our Furry Four-legged Guests (Pet Policy)

Join us with your furry friends! The Birchwood Inn provides pet friendly Berkshires lodging at its best. Pamper your pets and enjoy a great getaway.

View our Lenox, MA bed and breakfast rooms and make your plan your escape today.

  • First and foremost, dogs must be very well-behaved and well-trained furry guests.
  • Depending on availability, we accept up to 2 guest dogs at the inn at one time.
  • We require that guest dogs be bathed and groomed before coming to the inn and be at least one-year old.
  • Please present proof of vaccinations at check-in.
  • There is a daily fee of $25.00 for each dog.
  • Because Quinn and Charley are service dogs and must not be distracted while working, guest pups need to be “invisible” (not in public rooms) and on a leash at all times.
  • Guest pets must be walked off property, and we expect that our guests will clean up after the pets completely. Lenox does have a stoop-and-scoop bylaw as well as a leash bylaw.
  • While the dog owners are not in their room, the dog should be crated in the room
  • Of course, we ask that your dog NOT share your bed, but please remove the comforter and shams, just in case.
  • When guests leave the inn, the dog must accompany them or be crated in their room. We expect that dogs will not disturb other guests by barking or whining.
  • Upon arrival, the dog owner will sign a waiver agreeing to pay for any damages caused or extra-cleaning needed due to the dog.
  • If your dog is not well-behaved or disturbs other guests by barking, the inn does have the right to ask the owners to kennel their dog or leave. No refunds will be offered.

The above is Birchwood Inn’s pet policy. Please note that nearby we do have a day/overnight camp for dogs, which we sometimes recommend to guests whose dogs may be disturbing other guests. At Camp Wagalot, owners can visit their dogs at all times. We also have a list of competent and trust-worthy dog-sitters.

We provide each guest dog with a comfy Orvis bed, towels, water bowl, homemade cookies, and poop bags.

We offer an exceptional pet friendly Berkshires Inn.

Do your human’s have questions? View our Policies.