Do Bears….?

Says Quinn: Yes, they surely do! I’ve lived in the Berkshires at Birchwood Inn for more than 11 years and I learn something new everyday. For instance…
There is ice in Ice Glen (Stockbridge) for 9 months a year although it is possible that ice can be found there in July, August, or September.
Nathaniel Hawthorne called Ice Glen “the most curious fissure in all the Berkshires.” It certainly is unusual. The streams run south to north instead of north to south, and the fissure itself — a long-dried-up glacial pool — runs east to west rather than west to east.
Ice Glen is canopied by trees at least 170 years old, which ensures that the rocky terrain is in shade most of the year, a cool spot on even the hottest days. The floor of the glen is dotted with boulders that form caves throughout the gorge, making Ice Glen a great place to explore!

And there are bears in Beartown State Forest (in the towns of Lee and Monterey). This area is “bear aware” country. Do not feed or provoke the bears.
Bears have acute hearing — seven times more acute than a dog! — and can smell food more than a mile away. They are curious, resourceful, and have one of the best memories of all animals. They can run up to 35 mph and climb a tree faster than some primates.
If you encounter a bear, don’t startle it; make noise, and give the bear plenty of room.
I know about bears from personal experience! We have had bears visit every once in a while. The first time I met up with a bear, I thought it was a big dog and wagged my magnificent tail. I think I should have barked!

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