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We're Sweethearts!

Quinn: Twenty percent of humans prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pets rather than their spouse! Piper, Ellen, and I will be joining in the celebration together. After all, Valentine’s is for lovers and that includes dog lovers. [30% of our guests on Valentine's Weekend are also bringing their furry friends.]

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Balls! Quinn is Happy in Lenox

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year but I am in Dog Heaven. We have had a surprise mid-winter thaw, and sitting in the garden just waiting for me were a half-dozen tennis balls! [And Ellen's scarf that I took outside last month.] We are both very happy campers today! […]

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It's A (Busy) Dog's Life

Mea culpa. The holidays are always filled with lots of joy! Ellen bakes mountains of cookies, and I love the candy cane cookie crumbs that land on the kitchen floor! So many crumbs! So little time! There are always lots of guests to take care of and lots of dog guests to entertain. I love […]

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Chipmunks and Squirrels

I  love chipmunks and squirrels! Thankfully, there are lots of them at Birchwood. For more than nine years, I have spent many afternoons barking and chasing the little critters, but I’ve never been able to catch one. Not one! They love to hide in the stone fences. I know they are there but, alas, they […]

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