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It Was the Best of Times

Says Quinn: Despite Irene’s unwelcome end-of-summer visit, this was one of the best of my 12 summers at Birchwood Inn. Ellen and I have created a Top Ten Best of Summer 2011 list: # 10 -Best play we missed: “Sylvia” — about a dog of course — at the Berkshire Theatre Festival #  9  -Best Tanglewood Concert […]

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Dog Days? I’m Insulted

As a most fine and upstanding canine, I am not at all happy that these miserably hot days in the Northeast, with unheard of temperatures in the 90s and humidity that even curls my hair, are called Dog Days. Dogs are cool! Here in Lenox, in the heart of the Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts, […]

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On a Roll

Quinn says: Woof! Yay!First snowfall of the season, and Piper and I have already been rolling in it! Ellen may finally get to use her snowshoes (the price tag is still on them)!

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Quinn Is Thankful for Thanksgiving Turkey

Of  course, says Quinn, I have a whole cookie jar of things for which I am thankful, but at this time of year, I am especially thankful to those who carve the turkey each year and share!

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Carole King Rocks!

Quinn writes: Summer has begun on an upbeat note with Carole King in concert with James Taylor on the 4th of July! It was hot and so was Carole. I just couldn’t sit still when she sang, “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet.” Just wagged my tail in time with the music. And […]

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Birchwood Goes to the Dogs and Vice Versa!

Quinn says: Wow! We have had some terrific canine visitors recently! There was Gretchen, the dog-shy English Bulldog, who wasn’t wild about having to walk. During Gretchen’s visit, we had five-year-old Welsh Terrier Cory, who was adorable and very well-behaved. A sweet little Yorkie named Phoebe, a real mama’s girl! And lastly, the Prince, a […]

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Mother's Day Mystery

Quinn’s Observations: Piper and I love our mom but we don’t know how to tell her on Mother’s Day. Sometime a wag and a lick just isn’t enough. This year we had a little help from our friend Lynnette in Ithaca, NY. She helped us buy a card (with me on the front!) and used […]

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My Sniffer Is Working Overtime

According to Quinn: Nothing smells better than spring in the Berkshires so my finely honed sense of smell is in heaven! The copious lilacs and blankets of  lilies-of-the-valley. Freshly cut grass. That spring earthiness of tulips and daffs. All combined with the clean mountain air is a most heady, intoxicating experience. Come up and smell […]

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Not a Great Idea to Try to Be a Pig

Yesterday was a blustery and somewhat soggy day, a great day for a pig. So I decided to emulate a pig and find out about their habit of rolling in mud. I rolled this way, and then I rolled that way. Fun! Cool! Until I came back to the inn. No one was happy to […]

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Dog Angels

I know most of you don’t like to shovel snow or drive in snow, but I love snow, especially rolling in it! And with now 16 inches with lots more to come, I’ll be able to make dog angels for days! I also love ice, but I discovered there can be too much of a […]

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