I Saw Charley Kissing Santa Claus in the Berkshires!

Charley Kissing Santa Claus in the BerkshiresSays Quinn: My little brother Charley gets all the laughs! And I think all of us need a laugh this week whether you’re in the Berkshires or anywhere else in the US. It’s been a rough week for all of us!

This week Ellen bought him a Christmas collar with little, really quiet bells. What did Charley do? He hid under Ellen’s Charley hiding eggs in the Berkshiresdesk at our Berkshires bed and breakfast. It took all of us awhile to figure out that this little Fearless Fosdick aka Curious George is afraid of his collar!

Charley just loves his little stuffed “eggs.” He has turtle eggs that were hiding inside a turtle that is now in shreds. Charley is really hard on toys. He also has dinosaur eggs although the dinosaur is no more. And for Christmas, I know he’s getting a fish with fish eggs. That fish won’t be swimming for long. And I think that Charley is getting his holidays wrong. Just yesterday he hid a few eggs under bushes in the garden. Hey, Charley, wake up! It’s not Easter!

He went to the movies for the first time with Ellen. Forget the story, but the moral is: If you don’t want to share your popcorn, don’t take Charley to the movies!

And then there was Santa Claus. Most young ones sit on Santa’s lap and face the camera, either smiling or crying. Not our Charley. He jumps on Santa’s lap and gives him a big kiss and nearly took off Santa’s beard.

Yes, Charley gets all of the laughs, but I still don’t think he’s funny. Ridiculous? Maybe. But not funny at all.

Happy Charley Days!



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