The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! Again!

Beep! Beep! The annual British Motor Car Festival is one of the most fun weekends of the year, even if you’re not a car enthusiast! And it’s coming this weekend, June 14-16.

The event, based at Shakespeare & Co., gets its motor running with a fun rally on Friday afternoon. This self-guided back roads driving tour takes motorists through the scenic Berkshire Hills.

Street party time! Many of these polished and buffed British autos, old and new, will travel in a procession to downtown Lenox around 6:15 pm and line the village’s main streets so that we can all ogle and drool, but not on the cars, please. A live British tribute band and street vendors will add to the festival ambiance.

The main event takes place on Saturday with the Concours d’Elegance, a judged competition that attracts exceptional show cards 15 years old and older. Come on out and see if you can pick out the winners.

The Berkshire British Motorcar Festival concludes on Sunday with a 60-minute morning scenic driving tour at 8:30 a.m., with a 1947 Bentley in the lead. And don’t miss the

Berkshire car show

John Parker, who honeymooned at Birchwood Inn in 1952, visits with the 1921 Roll Royce he restored himself.

Tailgate Picnic Competition, with awards for “most elegant,” “most creative,” “most British,” “best tasting,” “most humorous,” and “most Shakespearean.”

The Friday evening street party is free while the cost for general public admission is $15.00 for a two-day pass, inclusive for both Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend head for the Berkshire hills and Birchwood Inn for lots of fun!








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