Meet the New Family Member at our Berkshires Inn

Quinn says: It’s just about official — I retire as Ellen’s hearing dog in April! I will miss going everywhere with Ellen, and I will miss the traveling and seeing my far flung friends, but I get to sleep in. I won’t be disturbed in the middle of one of my naps to accompany Ellen to the supermarket, to the post office, to lunch. I will finally and officially be a Birchwood Inn pet.

So meet Curly (we are already referring to him as Charley)! Curly/Charley, Ellen’s new hearing dog, is an 18-pound Bichon mix, and my trainer Brian reports that Curly/Charley will be an excellent hearing dog. Ellen will go to NEADS in April for a week of training with Curly/Charley, and then he will come home to our Berkshires inn.

Since Curly/Charlie is white, I’d better not teach him to roll in the dirt as I love to do when Ellen’s not looking!

Berkshires Inn

Hi! I'm Curly aka Charley!

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