Charley, the Dog, Travels to France: The Prologue

Charley travels to France

Is there room for Mrs. Hedgehog?

Thank you, Quinn, for letting me use your space as I moved to Birchwood Inn earlier this year and Quinn has been very good to me.

My bags are packed; I’m ready to go! I’ve had all of my shots. My paperwork is completed. I’ve packed my favorite turtle “egg,” Woofgang Pup pizza, and my soft soccer ball because… I am going with Ellen to Paris to see my “Uncle” Eric and then to the south of France with six of the Eight Broads in the Kitchen!

I have lots of questions before we leave:

Can I hold it from Boston to the nearest patch of grass in Paris? I certainly hope so!

Will I mind my service dog manners? Well, there may be a lapse or five.

Will I like the French dog biscuits? Mais oui!

Will I come home barking with a Parisian accent? Bien sur!

Will I be able to blog from the iPad? To be determined.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Travels with Charley.

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