Frelinghuysen-Morris House and Studio – A Hidden Treasure

Frelinghuysen-Morris  House and Studio

Some people come to the Berkshires year after year and don’t know about the Frelinghuysen-Morris House and Studio. Pity. Because it is a very special place that belonged to two very special artists and art collectors.

Located on Hawthorne, the Bauhaus design home is a treasure in itself, and there are even more treasures inside. The art deco painters – George L.K. Morris and his wife Suzy Frelinghuysen — collected art created by their very well-known friends. They also liked to photograph their artist friends, and this summer’s exhibit pairs these photographs of their abstract artist friends with their art work.

And who might these friends be? As much as I hate to name drop, the friends include Matisse, Leger, Picasso and Miro. The photograph of Miro in front of his dining room mural, which was later destroyed by the Nazis. This is the only known photograph to survive.

The house will also offer talks about modern paintings, furniture, and architecture on July weekends.

Don’t miss Lenox’s “hidden” gem.

All right here in Lenox!

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